Work to help

A session on periods was organised to remove taboos from our society and distributed pads to the girls/women.
When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
A step towards the air pollution by pollution mask. Disturbed mask to the girls/women of our foundation and delivered a message about the importance of pollutantion mask.

Project NAWAH

collaboration with enactus,dyal singh College, conducted at our NGO, training has been given for one month and after training every trainee has been certified by CIBART.

Diwali celebration
Diwali celebration with prize distribution to the winners of diya making competition and Rangoli making competition were M.M.P.S. got 3rd prize in Rangoli competition, V.P.S. got 2nd prize and N.P.S. got 1st prize.

Awareness on CLEAN ENVIRONMENT throwing garbage in dustbin

Helped poor girl for marriage with some money and gifts.