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Our Approach

ALINA PARMARTHAM FOUNDATION is a non- profit organization, since its
inception in 2017 has been working with women/girls to uplift them & change the
face of society by improving quality of life. We started livelihood training in rural
areas so that who lock themselves in four walls can be independent & can explore
outside world.
We are providing livelihood training like stitching, parlor, dance, computer, yoga,
tuitions. These women/girls are of different age groups starting from 16 years to
45 years. Skills are being transferred to them through workshops & skilled
instructors. These are regular workshops for 6 months or a year for any female
learner in which we give them different-different tasks to check their
performance & after 6 month or a year course(as per they opted) we provide
them with a certificate. A toolkit is rewarded to the one who gives a best
performance of her skills or we give them opportunity of employment in our
Many women/girls coming in our center that belongs to family who can’t afford
much are taking training from our skilled teachers and are now self employed or
working in boutiques or some started living freely by wearing self stitched stylish
clothes. We organize a function after a time period of every 6 month in which an
exhibition of self made designer clothes. An opportunity is given to them to
telecast their talent so that they can get orders (a source of earning), some guest
give them opportunity of job in there boutique